Clay fixative Tierrafino Fix

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Tierrafino Fix serves as a strengthener for Tierrafino Clay plaster , or for porous surfaces (undercoats) and recently plastered surfaces. Tierrafino Fix can also be mixed with Tierrafino pigments to create veiled layered effects on Tierrafino Clay plaster. Tierrafino Fix can be applied in the same way as paint. Click here for the Tierrafino Fix Technical Data Sheet .


Tierrafino Fix is available as a white fluid. After drying Tierrafino Fix is colourless, mat and transparent. Tierrafino Fix can be thinned with water.

Areas of application

For strengthening Tierrafino Clay plaster, so the surface will be chip-proof.

Tierrafino Fix is a restorer of artistic veiled techniques, in combination with Tierrafino pigments in various colours. Tierrafino Fix acts as reinforcement for other clay-techniques to ensure a wipe and chip-proof surface.

Tierrafino Fix can be used as a sealant of substrates that absorb too much water too quickly, so that the applicator will give him/her self enough time to finish application in a 'normal' speed.

Tierrafino Fix can be applied in three different ways:

Pre mixing
Mix 1 liter Tierrafino Fix with 4 liters water, stir it well. Now add 25 kg Tierrafino clay plaster to the mixture and stir well until a spreadable paste is achieved. Apply this mixture to the wall or ceiling as described on the clay plaster application page of this web site.

After laying on
Mix 1 part Tierrafino Fix with 4 parts water, stir well into a bucket. Apply Tierrafino clay plaster as described, after stiffening of the plaster, sponge the clay plaster with the mixture of Fix and water. After this treatment, follow the Tierrafino clay plaster application as mentioned.

At a later stage
After Tierrafino clay plaster has been applied and succesfully finished, Tierrafino Fix may be applied in the following manner: Mix 1 part Tierrafino Fix with 4 parts warm water, spray regular water onto the finished clay plaster to make it overall equally humid, e.g. the colour of the clay plaster must be dark. Do not saturate the plaster, apply only just enough water to have the colour change. When the plaster is humid, apply the mixture of water and Fix with a sponge by way of very light circular movements onto Tierrafino clay plaster. Now brush Tierrafino clay plaster as described on the Tierrafino clay plaster application page. Instead of using a sponge, Fix may also be aplied with a spray.

Note: the second way of applying Tierrafino Fix (after laying on) is regarded the most efficient and easy way of application.

Other applications
Tierrafino Fix mixed with Tierrafino pigments for a veiled layered effect should be applied on a clay plaster wall with a brush. A less transparent effect can be reached by using a sponge.

Liter/square meter

For reinforcing Tierrafino Clay plaster, about 0.2 litres of Tierrafino Fix should be used per square metre.

Drying time

Depending on the temperature, humidity and absorption value of the surface, the surface used needs a couple hours of drying.


Store Tierrafino Fix in a cool and dry place. Once mixed with water, pigments or Tierrafino Clay plaster use immediately.


Cellulose, alcohol, silicate clay, water, 0.1% synthetic preservative.

Safety advice

Keep Tierrafino Fix out of reach for children. Tierrafino Fix is not flammable. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Wear safety glasses with induced risk(ceilings).


Article number and packaging

Art. no. 5.1103 - 5 Liter jerry can.

Although this product-description has been put together with utmost precision, Tierrafino will not be liable for any indirect or direct damage that may occur, by using the information offered in this product description.