Tierrafino Listro clay stucco

Subtle shine

Listro clay stucco

Listro with fruitListro means shine. Old techniques come alive in the well known earth colors of Tierrafino. Subtle color nuances appear due to variations in depth of the shine. Stylish effects on walls, ceilings and wooden furniture in Tierrafino Listro.

IMG 1766.jpgDover white, Delphi white, Roman ochre, Nassau orange, Djennné red, Ayers Rock, Iquitos green and Gomera grey make up the color range of Tierrafino Listro. Natural, soothing colors that can be mixed to create new shades. Mixing with Tierrafino Pigments offers an infinite range of colors.


0,75 liter Listro.jpgTierrafino Listro is easily applied by the DIY. With few tools beautiful walls can be created. Apply Listro with roller, brush or trowel and polish until the surface is smooth, not shiny. Apply a second coat after drying and continue polishing the surface, with intervals, until a full shine is achieved. Tierrafino Listro can be applied onto most absorbing substrates like gypsum or lime plasters, latex paints, dry wall and MDF. Dilute Listro with water. Tools are easily cleaned. Treat high exposed areas with a protective wax.



Listro kitchenTierrafino Listro is damp open and moisture regulating. Listro is only sealed from air and moisture after treatment with wax.

Beautiful rooms deserve a high quality finish. A vibrant atmosphere in a natural environment. Tierrafino Listro for entrances, foyers and walls in the home or office. Subtle shine.


Click here for the Tierrafino Listro Technical Data Sheet.