Mud plaster

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Mud plaster: Tierrafino Base

Loam Clay Plaster SiloTierrafino Base is a clay building material which is suitable for interior use only. It is utilized as a render coat, a skim coat and sometimes as a finish. It is applied as a plaster either by trowel or by spray. It consists of sand, clay and if desired straw. These are all pure natural building materials. Tierrafino Base mud plaster does not contain any ingrediënts that are harmful to health or to the environment.
02 Base en Stone Tadelakt kalkstuc lime plaster Kalkputz enduit chaux kalkpleister Tierrafino Base mud plaster allows you to create new shapes at home or in the workplace. Because of the possibility to apply Tierrafino Base as thick as approx.12 mm it is easy to create beautiful curves quickly. Corners of walls, walls to ceilings and other sharp corners and edges can be 'softened' by filling and shaping.
All waste-material can be reused. Tierrafino Base can be recycled endlessly because it contains no adhesives, it sets mechanically instead of chemically. The production of Tierrafino Base mud plaster only asks for a small amount of energy.
Tierrafino Base is not resistant to mechanical damage or excessively wet walls.
Tierrafino Base is easy to repair.

Click here for the Tierrafino Base Technical Data Sheet .

Clay general info

Clay has some very special inherent qualities. It is a breathing surface that regulates both humidity and temperature. By absorbing moisture it makes rooms more tolerable in humid weather. When the air is less humid again, it releases moisture into the room helping to improve the air quality.
Clay surfaces can also help moderate temperature swings. Wall surfaces remain cool in summer and warm in winter.
mud plaster is anti static by nature.
The more clay used in a room the greater the beneficial effects.

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