Tierrafino clay paint

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Clay paint Tierrafino ipaint is a decorative and 100% environmentally friendly interior clay paint. The clay constituent of this claypaint comes from various european quarries and this provides the breathtaking, matte structured finish.

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Clay paint colours are rich and atmospheric earth tones: Dover-white, Delphi-white, Roman-ochre, Nassau-orange, Djenné-red, Ayers Rock, Iquitos-green en Gomera-grey. These base clay paint colours can be mixed with each other and/or be enriched with other Tierrafino Pigments.

These can enhance individual colours and give endless colour possibilities. Clay paint Tierrafino ipaint can be applied with a brush or roller and has excellent covering capacity which can be best appreciated, as with all mineral paints, after drying.

Clay paint Tierrafino ipaint adheres to virtually all surfaces. Only high absorbent substrates must be primed with Tierrafino Fix. Very smooth surfaces must be sanded down and/or primed with Tierrafino Fix. Tierrafino ipaint can only be thinned with water and it contains no chemical additives.

Clay paint Tierrafino ipaint is the ecological clay paint of the future. Environmentally friendly and very easy to apply.


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