Tierrafino plaster paint

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Tpaint “T” for “texture”

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Plaster paint textured paint for interior use that shows the colours and shine of the special fine sands. Rustic effects through natural colours and the breaking of sunlight. Plaster paint Tierrafino Tpaint is an innovative and healthy product made of 100% natural ingredients.

005 leemstuc VTwonen kleedkamerThe colours follow the existing range of Tierrafino plaster paint products: Dover white, Delphi white, Roman ochre, Nassau orange, Djennné red, Ayers Rock, Iquitos green and Gomera grey. Earths found in various quarries give Tierrafino Tpaint its beautiful colours.

Plaster paint Tierrafino Tpaint is easily applied by the DIY onto all substrates that are considered suitable for wall paints. Apply with brush or roller. After drying the surface must be gently wiped down with a moist sponge and then brushed with a soft brush, sands will now show their colour and shine. Mixing and diluting is done with water. Tools are easily cleaned.

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12,5 kg and 6 kg 


Tierrafino Tpaint is damp open and moisture regulating. It contributes to a healthy living environment in the home or office. Plaster paint Tpaint can be applied onto a breathing construction. Reverberation of sound is shortened by the coarse granulous surface. Click here for the Tierrafino Tpaint Technical Data Sheet.

Create a calming atmosphere in a lively texture. Natural shades shown by sands and coloured earths. Plaster paint Tierrafino Tpaint for walls and ceilings in the interior in living and working areas.













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