Tierrafino wall primer

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Tierrafino Contact serves as a bonding primer for Tierrafino Finish and Base clay plaster onto walls and ceilings in the interior. Click here for the Tierrafino Contact Technical Data Sheet .


Apply Tierrafino Contact on grease and dustfree surfaces. N.B.: Do not add more than 20% water to Tierrafino Contact.

User possiblities

As a primer for Tierrafino Clay plaster, to enable maximum adhesion as a primer for smooth surfaces eg. plasterboard, concrete, paint, etc. As a strengthener for old or other plastered surfaces to quickly achieve a resistant impact and rough surface. Apply Tierrafino Contact to grease- and dustfree base.


Tierrafino Contact is almost white when completely dry. Tierrafino Contact can be diluted with water and helps provide a breathing and humidity regulating finish.


Apply Tierrafino Contact undiluted with a roller or paintbrush onto the undercoat.

Covering capacity

Tierrafino contact used as a primer: use approximately 0.25 litre per square metre.

Drying time

Tierrafino Contact is dry after six hours depending on temperature, humidity and absorbency of undercoat. N.B.: Clean tools with warm (soapy) water directly after use


Keep Tierrafino Contact well sealed in a cool and frost-free environment.

Available size

5.0 L Art.nr. 5.4413
10.0L Art.nr. 5.4403


Cellulose, methylcellulose, calciumcarbonate, citric acid, acetic acid, chalk, marble powder, marble sand, china clay, water and 0.1% synth. preservative.


Tierrafino Contact is non-combustible. Seal tightly and store out of reach of children.

Although this product-description has been put together with utmost precision, Tierrafino will not be liable for any indirect or direct damage that may occur, by using the information offered in this product description.